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Brine Minimization

Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE)

Our patented HDH evaporation system eliminates maintenance issues associated with traditional evaporators to improve overall operation and performance.

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Counterflow Reverse Osmosis (CFRO)

Our patented Counterflow Reverse Osmosis (CFRO) process is a low-energy membrane system designed to concentrate brine to 250,000 ppm or more.

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Selective Chemical Extraction (SCE)

In regions where water scarcity is a growing concern, SCE makes wastewater go to work for our industrial customers. By cleaning water only to the needed level – and not beyond – our SCE solution enables the reuse of treated wastewater, saving customers both time and money.

From basic disinfection to scaling control, Selective Chemical Extraction (SCE) is a custom-engineered, multi-step water treatment process that can treat all types of wastewater into re-usable clean water conforming to customer desired quality levels. SCE is ideal for any industry that needs to treat wastewater – no matter the quality – for reuse, such as in oilfield services, power production, textiles and mining. Today, latest SCE unit has undergone transformation to incorporate technical advancements and customer feedback from the first generation units.

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Free Radical Disinfection (FRD)

The presence of bacteria in water can damage client assets. For example, bacteria can sour oilfield reservoirs, resulting in longer production times, increased maintenance and higher operating costs. FRD helps with controlled disinfection in a safe manner.

The FRD technology provides high-volume bacteria disinfection for any customer assets that have the potential to degrade due to bacterial interaction. FRD combines feed water with salt to remove bacteria, eliminating the risk, cost and transportation associated with use of hazardous biocides, such as chlorine dioxide, or any chemical based biocide whereby the hazardous chemicals must be physically handled and transported on and off the site.

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Evolving Customer Needs.
Continuous Innovation.

Today, Gradiant has a portfolio of over 60 patent families and 175 patents issued and pending addressing a variety of end use applications.

Gradiant’s early stage technologies include Directional Solvent Extraction (DSE), a Zero Liquid Discharge desalination technique which uses a liquid directional solvent to extract fresh water from saline brines and Ion Caging (IC), a closed-loop softening technique that is under technology development in Gradiant’s labs with a goal to significantly reduce warm lime softening consumable cost

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