Solving the world’s most challenging water problems

Gradiant is a technology driven water company specializing in industrial water treatment and recycling solutions. Founded at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Gradiant has built a strong portfolio of proprietary water treatment products and award-winning service. Our global installation base improves customer water economics and enhances their environmental profile.

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Business Units

Improving customer bottom lines through custom solutions around the world

Our team has solved some of the toughest technical problems, applied innovative business models and forged lasting partnerships in multiple industrial sectors around the globe

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Providing access to the brightest minds in the business

Gradiant brings together the world’s best problem solvers in water treatment, water chemistry, engineering and process automation to address pressing water issues. We are committed to continually advancing our products and services to best serve water critical industries seeking economic, efficient and environmentally friendly water treatment, reuse and recycling.

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Article: International Desalination Association Announces Award Winners For Technical Program At 2017 IDA World Congress

7 November 2017

The International Desalination Association (IDA) announces the winners of awards related to the Technical Program at the 2017 IDA World Congress in São Paulo, Brazil.   E…

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Press Release: Gradiant Energy Services Brings Bacteria Treatment Technology to the Midland Basin

17 June 2017

Gradiant Energy Services ("GES"), an oilfield services company that specializes in oilfield water solutions, announced today that its bacteria disinfection product line, Free Radic…

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Press Release: Gradiant Energy Services Evaporative Disposal Technology Solves Oil and Gas Disposal Challenges

18 April 2017

Gradiant Energy Services (“GES”), a provider of integrated water management solutions to the energy industry, announced today that its mobile wastewater evaporation technology,…

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Article: Technical Paper by Gradiant and Shanghai Electric on FGD Water Treatment

26 February 2017

With the treatment of flue gas desulphurization wastewater becoming mandatory in coal-fired plants, Prakash Govindan and Zhifeng Fan make the case for Carrier Gas Extraction as a c…

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