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Gradiant is always looking for problem solvers who share our passion for developing solutions to the world’s most challenging water problems.

We care deeply about our people and our culture, and we encourage those who thrive in dynamic, fast-paced and engaging environments to apply.

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The NPI Engineer will be part of a cutting edge product development/R&D team and will be responsible for developing and optimizing treatment solutions for industrial wastewaters. Responsibilities include but are not limited to design, fabrication, and optimization of treatment processes on and off-site. Candidate will utilize knowledge and competency in both science and engineering principles to collect empirical data and conduct critical analyses to provide support to team. Candidate will contribute to prototyping innovative technologies to optimize cost and quality of treatment.


  • Develop treatment processes:
    • Design and test a novel membrane desalination process, Counter-Flow Reverse Osmosis (CFRO) unique operational processes to treat a wide range of wastewaters.
    • Utilize analytical techniques to assess and optimize treatment efficiency.
    • Operation of analytical instruments e.g. ICP-OES, TOC analyzer, UV-vis etc.
    • Interpret and provide input to Process Flow Diagrams, Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, and Process Data Sheets.
    • Analyze data and provide engineering support to improve or alter process to meet required water quality.
    • Diagnose and provide recommendations for problem solving and improvement to system.
    • Document experimental design, test data, results, and recommendations in clear, concise reports for internal and external presentations.
  • Field support and testing:
    • Travel to domestic/international locations.
    • Conduct field research for implementation of new processes and technologies.
    • Provide technical and operational support to team.
  • Commercial Demo design and testing
    • Assist with the design, operation, and analyses of commercial demos for conversion to full-scale systems.


  • Bachelor’s or Master degree in Science, Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.
  • 3-5 years’ experience in analytical wet chemistry sampling and measurement.
  • Demonstrated ability to fabricate bench-scale water testing systems.
  • Proficient in MATLAB or equivalent in data analysis and numerical modeling.
  • Familiarity with ICP-OES recommended.
  • Numerical method analysis recommended but not required.


  • Ability to work in a high energy, start-up based environment and don multiple hats, if required.
  • Strong communication skills to convey ideas and technical information effectively within team and to customers.
  • Curiosity and strong drive to improve status-quo while working in a semi-autonomous environment.


Gradiant’s latest membrane-based desalination technology i.e. Counter Flow Reverse Osmosis (CFRO) process is used for concentrating high TDS solution to saturation, hence the understanding of scaling, cleaning, antiscalant dosage are crucial for a steady operation. Candidate will be performing experiments to build the knowledge of high TDS desalination using CFRO. Candidate will utilize knowledge and competency in chemical/mechanical engineering principles and theories in this internship.


  • Testing of CFRO module:
    • Design experiment to optimize the performance of CFRO process
    • Analyze the data obtained and provide recommendations for improvements or next phase of testing


  • Technical background especially in mass transport or membrane separation
  • Experience in water chemistry or water testing


  • Ability to work with high energy in a start-up based environment and don multiple hats, if required
  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills to convey ideals and technical information effectively across a whole range of audiences (customer will have completions, production, facilities, water team, operations, regulatory and commercial teams to work with)
  • Curiosity and strong drive to improve status-quo while working in a semi-autonomous environment