Industries We Serve

Gradiant's water treatment technologies help some of the largest industries operate safely, more efficiently and profitably while improving their environmental footprints.

Oil and Gas

Significant advancements in oil production and techniques, such as hydraulic fracturing, come with an increased demand for water as well as the production of millions of gallons of wastewater.


Gradiant Energy Services (GES), a Gradiant subsidiary, provides custom-engineered water treatment solutions for the varying water treatment needs of North and South American oilfield operators. Specifically, GES:

  • Treats water to any required specification such that it can be reused in completion operations
  • Protects the oilfield reservoir and water assets by controlling bacteria growth
  • Return water to the hydrological cycle by desalting the wastewater stream, which results in fresh water for re-use or clean water vapor released into the atmosphere, as permitted by regulations
  • Concentrates brine to significantly reduce disposal volume in addition to offering heavy density brines as a value-added product


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Power Production

Large amounts of water are required to produce electricity, and the demand for water and power will continue to increase year over year. With limited water resources and stringent regulations on discharge of power plant wastewater, particularly in water-stressed regions like the Middle East and China, power plant operators must adopt water treatment solutions that meet new discharge requirements for flue gas desulfurization (FGD) wastewater.


Gradiant’s Carrier Gas Extraction technology produces fresh water from high-TDS wastewater with proven cost advantages over traditional brine concentration or zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) technologies, addressing power production challenges in pre-treatment, boiler feed water treatment, cooling tower blowdown and FGD.


In 2016, Gradiant announced a partnership with Shanghai Electric including the launch of multiple wastewater treatment projects to treat FGD wastewater utilizing Gradiant’s Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE) technology.

Textiles & Tanneries

The textile and tannery industries, particularly in countries like India and China, require water treatment solutions that meet specific industry discharge regulations and standards for the removal of contaminants, such as colors, dyes, fats, oils and chemicals, from wastewaters. As each operation and combination of chemicals used during varying steps of production is unique, Gradiant provides customized solutions to address specific challenges that face the textile industry and their wastewaters.


Gradiant provides solutions for industry challenges like acid mine drainage, heavy metal removal, leachate treatment, tailings pond and sulphate removal. Gradiant’s robust technologies can economically handle difficult mining wastewaters.


The production of chemicals from coal requires unique solutions to address the resulting wastewaters. Gradiant’s pretreatment and brine concentration technologies can reliably and economically address the challenges of treating coal-to-chemical wastewaters.