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Turn Risk into Reward

Gradiant’s first venture into water treatment began in 2013 treating produced water in the North American Permian Basin. As the business flourished, Gradiant created an oilfield services division, called Gradiant Energy Services (GES), to focus on the needs of our oilfield customers. Today, GES owns and operates a fleet of mobile, semi-permanent and centralized water treatment assets across North America. GES is committed to providing the proper level of treatment for our customers while operating safely.

Products and services include:

  • Bacteria treatment

  • Clarification to produce re-usable clean brine

  • Evaporative disposal

  • Brine concentration

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Textiles & Tanneries

Vibrant Colors. Clear Water.

Textile and garment production requires roughly 150 liters of water to produce one kilo of textile material. The resulting wastewater carries with it dyes and chemicals that require advanced treatment to be safely discharged into the environment or reused in the process.

Progressive textile manufactures are adopting desalination and evaporation technologies to remove dissolved salts and other contaminant to achieve zero liquid discharge (ZLD). However, traditional evaporation techniques require a substantial capital investment and a significant operating budget, specifically for energy and maintenance.

Gradiant’s humidification/humidification technology, known as the CGE system, is the ideal alternative to expensive evaporation to treat these complex waste streams, efficiently and economically.

  • Dyeing wastewater

  • Bleaching waste

  • Combined effluent treatment

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Power Generation

Turning Waste into Value

Coal fired power plants moving to flue gas desulfurization require advanced treatment to remove harmful contaminants from resulting waste water streams. Gradiant provides full ZLD systems to treat and recover water for reuse in the facility.

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Mining & Metals

Harvesting Liquid Gold

Mining and metals wastes often contain harmful contaminants that must be removed prior to discharge in order to meet environmental regulations. Learn how Gradiant can help.

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Food & Beverage

Waste Not, Want Not

Food processing produces significant waste that must be treated to meet discharge requirements. Gradiant offers solutions to minimize wastewater volume.

Refining & Chemicals

Ensure Peace of Mind

Learn about our solutions for cooling tower blowdown and wastewater recovery and minimization.

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