Carrier Gas Extraction

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Don’t Settle For Traditional Evaporation

Traditional evaporators are costly to operate and challenging to maintain. Gradiant’s HDH-based system eliminates the requirement for tedious scale removal, reducing downtime and improving overall efficiency. Our installations have demonstrated the ability to produce freshwater for up to 50% less than traditional evaporators.

The Technology

Gradiant developed its flagship humidification-dehumidification (HDH) based process known as the Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE) system to transform the most challenging industrial waste streams into valuable water resources. This evaporator alternative mimics nature’s rain cycle to reduce the cost of treatment while increasing production reliability.

The CGE system uses a carrier gas, typically air, to extract fresh water from high total dissolved solids (TDS) wastewater, concentrating brines to 25% salinity.

Gradiant was awarded Global Water Intelligence’s “Technology Idol” in 2013 for this groundbreaking technology and has since installed the system for oil and gas produced water recovery, flue gas desulfurization wastewater and textile wastewater recovery.

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