In regions where water scarcity is a growing concern, SCE makes wastewater go to work for our industrial customers. By cleaning water only to the needed level – and not beyond – our SCE solution enables the reuse of treated wastewater for operations, saving customers both time and money.


From basic disinfection to scaling control, Selective Chemical Extraction (SCE) is a custom-engineered, multi-step water treatment process that can treat all types of wastewater into re-usable clean water conforming to customer desired quality levels. SCE is ideal for any industry that needs to treat wastewater – no matter the quality – for reuse, such as in oilfield services, power production textiles and mining. Today, the SCE second generation unit has undergone major transformation to incorporate technical advancements and customer feedback from the first generation units.

The Technology

A wide range of contaminants like free oil & grease, total suspended solids, scaling ions, heavy metals and more – can be eliminated or reduced with the SCE technology. The core of the technology is a chemical precipitation and clarification system controlled through an innovative process control algorithm which optimizes flocculation and coagulation science.


As the quality of influent water can fluctuate significantly in industrial operations, our SCE process accounts for the variations by utilizing unique algorithms that automatically adjust treatment to ensure the clean water always meets the customer’s requested parameters.

Selective Chemical Extraction (SCE™)

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Case Study

SCE: Chemical Precipitation and Clarification Treatment System


Location: Texas, USA


Customer: Independent Oil & Gas company based out of Denver, Colorado Customer


Customer Requirement: Produce customized clean brine for providing portion of the water required for hydraulic fracturing operations


Capacity: 12,000 BPD


Treatment Requirement: De-oiling, Disinfection, Solids and Turbidity control, Sulphates control when required, pH adjustment


Influent details:

  • TSS range from 100 – 500 ppm
  • O&G from 10 – 100 ppm
  • Bacteria 1,100,000 MPN/ml


Effluent produced:

  • Clean brine TSS < 25 ppm, O&G < 25 ppm, Fe < 5 ppm
  • Bacteria 460 MPN/ml
  • Recovery ratio greater than 99.7% w/w
  • Solid waste produced less than 0.3% w/w


Operational Metrics:

  • Water quality statistically monitored to be within prescribed effluent limits at all times
  • Instantaneous volume ramp-up / ramp-down capability to meet sudden changes in frac water demand


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