The presence of bacteria in water can damage client assets. For example, bacteria can sour oilfield reservoirs, resulting in longer production times, increased maintenance and higher operating costs. FRD helps with controlled disinfection in a safe manner.


The FRD technology provides high-volume bacteria disinfection for any customer assets that have the potential to degrade due to bacterial interaction. FRD combines feed water with salt to remove bacteria, eliminating the risk, cost and transportation associated with use of hazardous biocides, such as chlorine dioxide, or any chemical based biocide whereby the hazardous chemicals must be physically handled and transported on and off the site.


The mobile, deployable FRD solution is ideal for use in industrial operations in which water needs to be disinfected for use, such as hydraulic fracturing and pre-saltwater disposal injection in oil and gas operations.

The Technology

FRD is a safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly bacteria treatment solution that focuses on the most difficult part of bacteria treatment: quality control. By using electrolysis, FRD technology uses a combination of ions, salt and fresh water to generate an onsite oxidant solution with multiple free radicals, which is injected into the feed water stream. This complex interaction results in bacteria-free water that maintains the integrity of client assets.

Free Radical Disinfection (FRD™) – On the Fly Pre-Frac and Storage Disinfection

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