Our Ambition

To solve the world’s most complex water challenges through a portfolio of game-changing solutions that make a positive impact on both the economy and the environment.


Today, Gradiant comprises a team of scientists, engineers and business leaders dedicated to developing products and services that improve our customers water-intensive industrial processes and operations. Gradiant serves numerous industries, including oil and gas, power generation, coal-to-chemicals, textiles, tanneries and high recovery seawater desalination.


We bring a unique approach to water treatment so that industrial operators can treat highly contaminated water with fewer chemicals and less energy, all at a lower total lifecycle cost than incumbent techniques. In certain cases, we enable treatment of certain wastewaters that have previously not been treated.


Gradiant’s proprietary technology platform includes Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE™), Counter Flow Reverse Osmosis (CFRO), Selective Chemical Extraction (SCE™), Free Radical Disinfection (FRD™), Directional Solvent Extraction (DSE) and Ion Caging (IC).


Our unique approach to water treatment is based on the foundation that with the right technology, we can transform water use and recycling for industrial operators that need :

Unmatched technology to treat difficult wastewaters

Gradiant makes wastewater go to work for our customers. Gradiant’s systems are capable of recycling highly variable, difficult-to-treat water in some cases achieving a Zero Liquid Discharge solution

Custom solutions for varying industrial applications

Every operation has unique needs. Our scalable and re-deployable solutions are developed to customer specifications and volumes, thus achieving water quality that meets our customer’s precise needs.

Competitive solutions that improve the bottom line

Our design-build-own-operate reuse and recycling systems enable customers to avoid capital investments for water disposal, offering a lower long-term fixed price for water and extending the life of existing water disposal and sourcing assets.

Regulatory and environmental compliance

Water-stressed regions face stringent government, industry and environmental regulations. Today, water treatment solutions that meet both regulatory and compliance specifications are a necessary step to compete in the marketplace. Gradiant’s solutions are tailored to meet industry requirements while keeping operation and management costs at a minimum.


  • 2017 Global Water Award Nomination “Breakthrough Water Technology Company of the Year”