SCE: Chemical Precipitation and Clarification Treatment System

Texas, USA

Independent Oil & Gas
company based out of Denver,
Colorado Customer

Produce customized clean
brine for providing portion
of the water required for
hydraulic fracturing operations

12,000 BPD

Treatment Requirement:

De-oiling, Disinfection, Solids and Turbidity control,
Sulphates control when required, pH adjustment.

Influent details:

  • TSS range from 100 – 500 ppm

  • O&G from 10 – 100 ppm

  • Bacteria 1,100,000 MPN/ml

Effluent produced:

  • Clean brine TSS < 25 ppm, O&G < 25 ppm, Fe < 5 ppm

  • Bacteria 460 MPN/ml

  • Recovery ratio greater than 99.7% w/w

  • Solid waste produced less than 0.3% w/w

Operational Metrics:

  • Water quality statistically monitored to be
    within prescribed effluent limits at all times.

  • Instantaneous volume ramp-up / ramp-down
    capability to meet sudden changes in frac
    water demand.

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