Most products require water for their production. Industrial wastewater represents a significant operating cost and a potential limit to growth. Gradiant Osmotics’ membrane brine concentration solutions augment reverse osmosis systems, increasing overall recovery and minimizing brine production.

Key Industries

  • Concentration of FGD and cooling tower waste streams
  • Replacement of demineralization systems
Industrial Desalination (Food & Beverage, Mining, O&G)
  • Minimization of RO brines
  • Increase in overall recovery ratios
  • Reduction of downstream evaporator costs
Inland Brackish Desalination
  • Brine management
Seawater Desalination
  • Increase output of existing installations by maximizing recovery

Business Model and Strategic Partners

Gradiant is pursuing Build Own Operate projects. Containerized systems can be standardized, quickly deployed and remotely controlled. Strategic partners include suppliers of RO and pre- and post-treatment systems for full water solutions.