Gradiant Energy Services (GES) was formed primarily to solve the water-related issues present in unconventional oil & gas basins in North and South America. Significant advancements in oil production techniques, such as hydraulic fracturing, led to an increased demand for water and wastewater treatment. Most shale basins were identified to be in areas with medium to extreme high water shortage and hence led to the creation of a large market opportunity for “difficult to treat” produced water. Gradiant has developed fit-for-purpose solutions for its clients in the sector and has helped smaller E&P’s and large Fortune 500 companies increase water re-use, reduce disposal volumes and produce fresh water all in a safe, reliable and cost effective way.

Business Model

Gradiant Energy Services executes projects on a Build Own Operate basis so that our customers can save CAPEX dollars. Projects can be mobile (following a frac fleet to treat “on-the-fly”) or semi-permanent (centralized recycling facility providing treated water to a storage asset like a lined pit or above ground storage tank).


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