About Gradiant

Built upon a deep understanding of the complexities of industrial wastewaters, Gradiant has developed a portfolio of technologies and products to manage the industrial water cycle. Our goal is to partner with our customers to create efficient water treatment and recycling programs that work within each customer’s unique operational, economic and regulatory constraints

Gradiant was founded in 2012 by engineers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). We offer a customizable suite of field-proven technologies and products headlined by the Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE™) and Selective Chemical Extraction (SCE™). CGE™ is the most cost effective way to produce freshwater from high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) wastewater and can achieve true Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) where necessary. SCE™ is a robust pretreatment technology to selectively change feed water to desired effluent specification. For more information, visit the Technology section.


Gradiant was awarded the 2013 Global Water Intelligence “Technology Idol” for Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE™). In 2014, our Permian Basin (Texas) plant received the Global Water Award as “Industrial Project of the Year,” selected from 30 nominated projects from around the world at the 2014 Global Water Summit in Paris.


Gradiant is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.