Gradiant Energy Services Brings Bacteria Treatment Technology to the Midland Basin

June 17, 2017 8:55 pm Leave your thoughts

Gradiant Energy Services (“GES”), an oilfield services company that specializes in oilfield water solutions, announced today that its bacteria disinfection product line, Free Radical Disinfection (FRD™), has been successfully deployed in several projects in the Midland Basin. GES’ FRD technology is a bacteria treatment solution that provides high throughput to disinfect bacteria and treat water for storage pit maintenance, on-the-fly disinfection prior to hydraulic fracturing operations and pre-salt water disposal (SWD) injection.


Using this safe, green technology, the treatment unit can be utilized for ‘short kill’ or a combination of ‘short and long kill’. Quality control is a critical step in any water treatment service and GES is setup extensively for accurate quality control and assurance during this process.


“Our customers are very interested in the economics and environmental benefits of our FRD technology,” said Danny Jimenez, Chief Executive Officer of Gradiant Energy Services. “Unlike competing technologies, FRD combines our unique chemistry application with salt to remove bacteria, eliminating the risk, cost and transportation associated with use of hazardous biocides, such as chlorine dioxide or any chemical-based biocide that requires potentially harmful chemicals to be physically transported on and off the site.”


The presence of bacteria can lead to reservoir souring, resulting in increased maintenance and operating costs. The mobile, deployable FRD technology is the ideal solution for Midland Basin projects that require water to be disinfected for use in hydraulic fracturing and pre-saltwater disposal injection.


GES supports oil and gas companies throughout the U.S., particularly those facing water scarcity, disposal restrictions and high transportation costs. The company’s robust portfolio of treatment solutions meets a wide range of needs from bacteria disinfection and clean brine to evaporation and desalination.


Originally part of parent company Gradiant, GES became a subsidiary in September of last year. The new structure allows GES to build on its success in the oil and gas industry, while Gradiant focuses on continually innovating water treatment technologies that support GES, as well as other industrial applications.


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